Student Work

Medeltiden på IEST Junior School

I SO har vi precis avslutat tema Medeltiden och under arbetet så har eleverna fått göra egna vapensköldar. I dag marscherade 5Ds riddare ner till Norskogen och vi hade ett tornerspel och medeltida dans.


Year 4 Robots

Year 4 students have created their very own Robots straight from their imagination! From learning basic language skills to writing stories, the students have come a long way. They have each produced an amazing creative writing piece in English class. 

Each robot has a number of parts and each part has a specific purpose; from completing homework to saving the earth! Some Robots have 8-10 parts that serve various purposes, and others perform a single task.

The work is displayed for a few more weeks in each year 4 classroom, with a drawing of each robot for you to enjoy.

I am proud of the students who continue to excel at IES Länna! 


Year 4 English and SO teacher

Ms. Powers

Bridge building in Teknik class Y6

                  Our amazing future architects in Y6 are demonstrating

                      the strength and stability of their bridge designs.